TRICIA WARD OF NSG AND ONWARD COMMUNICATIONS: Fighting for her customers at all costs

Selling, growing, being first and much more.

In this episode, I talk with Tricia Ward who runs NSG and Onward Communications, a Portland based technology advisor for cloud and communications services.
In 2011, Tricia beat out thousands of other channel sales professionals to become the first to bill $1M monthly with Intelisys (at the time, a seemingly impossible task).

By destroying this barrier, Tricia became the Chuck Yeager of the Channel: The first Platinum Partner at Intelisys, making the impossible seem possible for so many in channel sales. And 6 years later, she’s still flying at 1,000 miles per hour.

In today’s episode, Tricia tells us her origin story, where she learned the specific art of rhetoric that she still uses in sales meetings today. She reveals her views on rejection and failure, and how she bounces back every time. And we talk about her methods for training sales reps to prepare them for the high stakes world of enterprise sales.

Also we talk about women in the channel, the hottest technology to sell today, Chuck Yeager, Elon Musk, and much more.

Tricia lives today in Portland, OR with her husband and has 3 kids.

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