TREY LACKEY OF ACCESS TECH: Fighting for his customers at all costs

Profits through process, CRMs, SIP, tax laws, UCaaS, CCaaS, SMB marketing, & more.

On today’s episode, I chat with Trey Lackey of Access Technologies, out of Portland Oregon.

Trey is a thinking man’s technology consultant, so when his company’s rapid growth kinda stalled out after the first few years, Trey and his team went to work getting it revving again, and what they came up with was the Process.

Now, we are aware that all companies have what they’d call a process, but we’re talking about something more than that. We get into what exactly “process” means at Access Tech, and why it’s different, and why not all processes are created equal.

And process wouldn’t matter much if nobody knew who your company was, so Trey also tells me about his marketing strategies, which he has recently dedicated more resources to.

We also talk about the rise and fall of SIP, the new tax laws, where UCaaS meets CCaaS, and much more.

Topic timestamps:
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  • [10:16] Access Tech
  • [12:23] Industry Topics: UCaaS, CCaaS, Mobility
  • [28:57] Supplier Horror Story
  • [33:16] Customer Empathy
  • [39:40] Marketing Strategy
  • [48:03] 20 yr. Old Advice
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