TOM MCKEOWN OF BROADREACH COMMUNICATIONS: Fighting for his customers at all costs

On enterprise selling, CCaaS, favorite failures, negotiating, & more.

On today’s episode, we talk to Tom McKeown of BroadReach Communications.

Tom started BroadReach relatively late in his career, but he made up for lost time in a big way, going from zero to Intelisys Platinum Partner (that’s a million in monthly billing for those of you who don’t know) in just six years.

Tom McKeown is a man who Intelisys Co-founder Rick Dellar has called “Quietly Confident”. Teddy Roosevelt’s “talk softly and carry a big stick” motto could apply to Tom as well. But don’t be fooled by his calm demeanor, he’s got the hard negotiating skills and tactical chops of a field general.

Today, we talk to Tom about his long, winding road to the top. How he learned his negotiating skills on the mean streets of Turkey. How his first entrepreneurial venture fell flat. How his time in the corporate world left him unfulfilled. And how all those experiences are what contributed to his massive success with BroadReach.

We also talk about finding and keeping star employees, the good and bad of CCaaS, how to gear your business for enterprise clients, and much more.

Topic timestamps:
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  • [13:35] First Company, a “Good Failure”
  • [16:29] Enterprise vs. Small Customers
  • [19:22] Mentorship
  • [21:30] White Glove Service
  • [25:10] Building the Company
  • [29:44] BroadReach Tech Focus (CCaaS, PSaaS)
  • [37:46] Barriers to Cloud
  • [42:50] Supplier Horror Stories
  • [45:18] Negotiation
  • [50:27] Leader vs. Manager

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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