TIFFANI BOVA OF SALESFORCE: Fighting for her customers at all costs

The past, present & future of selling hardware, software & services in the channel.

Our guest today is 20-year channel veteran, Tiffani Bova. She started her career as a card carrying channel sales rep and sales manager. She also logged ten years at Gartner, focusing on sales best practices in the channel. And today she’s the “Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist” at Salesforce.

Wayne Gretzky once said that he doesn’t skate to where the puck is, he skates to where it’s gonna be, and today I talk to Tiffani about how to apply that strategy to the convergence of hardware and carrier and cloud technologies.

Also, Tiffani reveals her “outside-in” approach to channel sales, and how channel sales pros can benefit from looking beyond the end-user.

We talk about the best way to transition channel sales reps into selling new types of services and products as well as when and how to cut bait on those who can’t make the change. . .

And we discuss big data in sales, social selling, purple cows, and much more.

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