RICK DELLAR: Co-Founder of Intelisys

PART 1: Transforming an industry, partnerships, tough conversations, letting go, and more.

We’re concluding Channel Outlaws’ first season with a two-part interview starring our own Rick Dellar, who co-founded Intelisys in 1994 with his longtime friend Rick Sheldon.

In Part One, Rick takes us through the evolution of Intelisys as he sees it – how it went from a fairly standard telecom agency run by three guys named Rick, to the most successful business of its kind in the world in just over 20 years.

And yes, I did say “three” guys named Rick, because originally there was a third founder of Intelisys … and that third founder was also named Rick. Dellar tells us the story of this third Rick – why they partnered originally, why Dellar and Sheldon eventually decided it was necessary to part ways with the third Rick, what it’s like when you absolutely have to have those tough business conversations, and why you really should never put them off.

We also talk about the evolution of the trusted advisor model, the ONE question to ask when hiring sales reps, and what it was like for Rick and Rick when they decided it was time to pass the day-to-day running of Intelisys over to one Jay Bradley.

PART 2: Channel mentoring, hiring, confidence & charm, morning routines, psychotherapy & more.

This is Part 2 of my chat with Intelisys’s co-founder, Rick Dellar.

On last week’s show Rick took us through the history of Intelisys, and in this episode, we get more philosophical.

Rick has mentored dozens of top-performing Sales Partners over the years, and we delve into his methodology behind mentoring, his observations about the types of issues he comes across most often with his mentorees, and also what he gets out of the whole process.

Rick knows that Intelisys wasn’t built on the backs of himself and Rick Sheldon alone. Intelisys has hired, really, really well for more than 20 years. So, we talk about his strategies for hiring.

We also talk about confidence and charm, which goes a long way in the business world and…well…Rick’s got it. But he didn’t always.

We talk about psycho-therapy, raising kids without spoiling them, morning routines, and a bunch of other topics.

See you in a few months when we reload for Season 2.

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