MIKE OLIVER OF SOLUS NETWORK SOLUTIONS: Fighting for his customers at all costs

Sales tactics, software tools, whiteboarding, cold calling, cash flow, mentoring, and more.

Mike Oliver started SOLUS Network Solutions, a brokerage of telecommunications and cloud services and cost management solutions, in 2001.

With well over 450 active customer accounts, Mike does an amazing job of managing these accounts with only 6 employees, and a new business partner who focuses on sales.

Not your typical sales person in the channel, Mike is more of a technical guy, focusing heavily on the technology that drives his solutions. But you don’t grow to this size and scale without building some serious sales skills, which he did when he broke into the industry over 30 years ago.

Mike wears his heart on his sleeve and shares his professional journey of how he’s grown both personally and professionally to become an industry leader.

We talk about the training he received 30 years ago and still uses today. He shares the software and process he uses to manage over 450+ customers and prospects with only 6 employees.

We also go deep into the mentoring he received throughout his career and the learning lessons he’s received from it. And we go deep into whiteboarding, cold calling, cash flow management, hiring, bringing on an equity partner, and much more.

Mike lives in Granite Bay, California with his wife Gabrielle. Together they have five adult children and two grandchildren.

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