MATT DIXON – CO-AUTHOR OF THE CHALLENGER SALE: Fighting for his customers at all costs

The “New” Sales Pipeline, Challengers & Lone Wolves, Insight vs. Solution Selling, Hiring, Training & More.

Matt Dixon is the co-author of The Challenger Sale, The Challenger Customer, and The Effortless Experience. He’s also the Global Head of Sales Force Effectiveness Solutions at Korn Ferry Hay Group, a prominent management consulting company.

Matt’s first book, The Challenger Sale, was recently ranked by marketing leader Hubspot as the #1 book today for salespeople and sales managers.

I talk to Matt about the concept of “The Challenger” … What makes a Challenger … And what you can do to be a better Challenger.

We talk about the popular question “What keeps you up at night” and why it’s no longer the right approach to take with a customer … And what a top performing Challenger Sales Rep says to prospects instead.

As the customer evolves, so too must the salesperson. The data shows that of the 5 types of salespeople discussed in The Challenger Sale, “Relationship Builders” are no longer the best performing salespeople. They’re actually the worst.

Matt’s data also shows that “insight selling”, as opposed to solutions selling, is clearly the dominant player today, and he tells us how to become better “insight sellers”.

We talk about the best ways to build a sales team around The Challenger Sale methodology, as well as how to train your own Challengers at home.

We also discuss high impact Challenger Marketing, the end of “Findable Business”, how solution selling is dead (and really has been for several years), and much more.

Topic timestamps:
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  • [2:37] “What keeps you up at night?”
  • [9:48] Gap between Core & Top Performers
  • [14:23] Profiles of a Great Salesperson
  • [18:08] End of the Findable Business
  • [25:10] “Challenger” Salesperson Archetype
  • [31:20] Insight Selling
  • [35:08] Hiring/training for insight-based selling
  • [47:32] Insight-based Marketing
  • [58:50] Example of Insight-based Selling – Volvo Trucks

Hope you enjoy the interview as much as I enjoyed hosting it.

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