MARK PRUDELL OF BROADBAND CONSULTANTS: Fighting for his customers at all costs

Zigging while others zag, selling with speed, scaling, partnerships, & more.

Today’s guest is Mark Prudell, co-owner of Broadband Consultants, a telecom agency offering Internet, voice, and managed network services covering all networking technologies. Mark is a unique Channel Outlaw who is zigging while everyone else zags. And he doesn’t apologize for it….

Together with his business partner Mark Radford, he is strategically NOT jumping into the cloud arena but is instead doubling down on connectivity and broadband. And this double-down is paying off for him big time.

For the last 9 years, Mark has put together a vast network of lead generation partners and sub-agents who drive him leads through various platforms both online and off. As a result, he’s acquired thousands of customers over the years and takes pride in the fact that absolutely no lead is too small for him to answer the phone and provide the optimal solution for.

In today’s episode, we talk about how they create differentiation through their speed of response, and create solutions through process and scale. And we talk about how he and his business partner are the Yin and Yang of business and how while painful at times, it’s a magical combination for a successful company still growing at light speed.

We also talk about SEO, positivity in sales, bootstrapping, and much more. Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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