JIM WARREN OF RDM COMMUNICATIONS: Fighting for his customers at all costs

On 100% close rates, lessons from the Marines, ascending the lifestyle business, VAR partnering, specific cloud pivot strategies, and more.

Today’s guest is Jim Warren, the founder of RDM Communications in Seattle.

We’ve had a lot of graduates of the Intelisys Super9 program on this show, but none of them have articulated just how valuable deep-dive cloud training can be as well as Jim Warren does here. And he has the case study to prove it.

Jim reveals one very dramatic adjustment to his business model in the last year. It’s an adjustment that has resulted in a nearly 100% close rate for his business.

But Jim wasn’t always at the Vanguard…There was a time when his business had slowed, his vision plateaued, and he feared he might never get his company beyond the level of “Lifestyle Business”. He’ll tell you how he built a future by looking to the past.

We also talk about Jim’s learning lessons in the Marines, partnering with VARs before it was cool, overcoming adversity, and much more.

Topic timestamps:
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  • [5:03] Taking the Leap into the Channel
  • [12:33] VAR & Agent Convergence
  • [31:08] The Value of Faith & Gratitude
  • [36:20] Super9 Bootcamp
  • [41:40] Working with a Seattle Emergency Relief Org
  • [49:00] Being in the Marine Corps
  • [53:56] The Channel Community


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