JAKE CUMMINS OF CLOUDNEXION: Fighting for his customers at all costs

On International Opportunities, Cloud Security, Starting a Channel Biz, IOT Case Study, and more.

On today’s episode I talk to Denver’s own Jake Cummins, the founder of Cloudnexion.

Jake runs a lean and mean operation that fishes in the big waters, and he’s got the book on how you can do it too, complete with chapter titles.

From Italy to Australia, Jake’s Cloudnexion makes its hay in international circles, so we talk about what makes for an effective international practice, as well as some of the more common roadblocks one encounters with international deals.

And like everyone in the Channel, Jake is trying to stake his claim in the Security space. We talk about how “security” is really just a catch-all term for a half-dozen – highly lucrative – services, and how a sales partner is best served when presenting those many options to his or her customers.

We talk about how selling Network isn’t dead, how IOT is coming into its own at a lettuce farm, where the local Denver-ites (Denverians?) go to ski and snowboard, and much more …

Topic timestamps:
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  • [3:27] Work-life balance
  • [7:16] CloudNexion
  • [9:30] Selling Network Isn’t Dead
  • [11:19] International Deals
  • [20:20] Security
  • [41:56] Writing an eBook

Enjoy the podcast.

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