DEAN ARA OF TOTAL PRODUCT MARKETING: Fighting for his customers at all costs

Sales Partner marketing, channel marketing myths, the biggest marketing impact, social media, hiring marketers, and more.

On today’s episode, I talk with Dean Ara, the owner of the Channel Marketing Agency Total Product Marketing.

Dean is one of the few people I trust to go to when discussing marketing for Channel Sales Partners. He’s a brilliant strategist and challenger, but also a blue-collar “get’er done at any cost” implementor.

In this episode, I talk with Dean about what Sales Partners should look for when hiring a marketing employee or marketing agency.

Small business marketing is an entirely different animal than corporate marketing. Dean “gets it” like very few do. So we talk about where a small business should invest marketing dollars, and where they should not.

We discuss the biggest pitfall that most sales partners today make…their messaging. Dean gives a 1-sentence formula for how Sales Partners can crystallize their message to stand out from the sea of sameness.

We talk about marketing/sales integration, social media myths, google myths, SEO myths, beer drinking super-skills and much more.

Topic timestamps:
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  • [7:53] Defining Product Marketing
  • [9:11] TPM Approach
  • [14:59] Dean’s Sales Experience
  • [18:46] Hiring the Right Marketer/Agency
  • [22:03] Where a Small Business Should Invest Marketing Dollars
  • [25:03] Drinking a Beer in One Gulp
  • [28:48] Social Media
  • [40:40] Google/SEO
  • [46:58] How to Crystalize your Company’s Message


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