DAVE DYSON OF ECLIPSE: Fighting for his customers at all costs

Tapping into Millennials, rocking effective events, transforming love into profits, and much more…

Dave Dyson is the of CEO Eclipse. Based in Chicago, Eclipse is a leading technology lifecycle consulting and management company in the United States.

He started Eclipse in 2009 with a business partner and has grown it to the point where today he focuses almost entirely on enterprise clients in the $100M – $5B range.

During this journey, Dave has made some dramatic personal transformations in how he approaches sales and business and he’s since incorporated that into the DNA of Eclipse. And the results are astounding.

As he scales, he focuses heavily on hiring Millennial employees and has some unique methods of hiring and retaining them.

We talk about Dave’s tips and tricks to throwing effective events without huge budgets, utilizing company culture to hire the best employees, profitability strategies, drinking beer and throwing axes, and much, much more.

Dave currently lives in Chicago with his favorite person in the world, Mara.

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