SUPER DAVE HARDING OF TRCA: Fighting for his customers at all costs

On pivoting from MSP to providing cloud & carrier services, martial arts and sales training, supplier horror stories, and much more.

On today’s episode, I talk with Dave Harding of Technology Resource Center of America, or TRCA.

Known in some circles as Super Dave, he’s a former martial arts instructor and is one of the few in his industry to successfully pivot his company from a traditional IT and MSP model to Cloud and Carrier services. And he is crushing it.

We talk today about the tremendous learning curve that Dave overcame to finally understand the cloud and carrier model, and how he tore down his sales department and flipped it on its head to rebuild it and win big in the space.

Dave is an extraordinary sales leader. We talk about how his decades of being a martial arts instructor allowed him to coach is sales team through the transition.

We talk about how he demystified what he calls the “Channel Game of Thrones” to understand how the game is really played.

We talk about sales training, supplier horror stories, public speaking, and much much more.

Topic timestamps:
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  • [6:20] Instructing Martial Arts
  • [11:36] Applying Martial Arts to Sales
  • [14:25] Who is TRCA
  • [16:01] Supplier Horror Stories
  • [17:19] Working in the Channel vs Direct
  • [18:58] Pivoting from Traditional VAR to Cloud and Carrier Services
  • [26:02] Adding Cloud and Carrier Services
  • [38:50] Super9
  • [42:46] Public Speaking
  • [46:16] Business and Sales Books
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