STEVE GERHARDT OF D&M ENTERPRISE GROUP: Fighting for his customers at all costs

Selling into the enterprise space, holding vendors accountable, fear and motivation, and more.

Steve Gerhardt is the CEO of D&M Enterprise Group, a cloud services concierge company focused on enterprise clients throughout the United States.

Steve is a true icon in the industry. He’s been paying his dues in the channel since 2001 with D&M and is seeing the results of it today in a big way. Ask any veteran supplier channel manager and they’ll tell you a good Steve Gerhardt war story. He makes that big of an impression and is that demanding.

And the results don’t lie.

He’s in a 3-person race right now to become Intelisys’ first Double Platinum Partner. This means that in a few months, he’ll be billing over $2M per month with Intelisys. That puts D&M Enterprise Group in the top 1% of 1% of all trusted advisors in the channel.

And that’s not by accident. Steve was a traditional telecom agent for decades and has successfully made the pivot to cloud services in the last few years.

Today he focuses almost entirely on the enterprise space and serves many well known brands such as Lehman Brothers, Skechers Shoes, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Perdue Chicken, and many more. They’re not shy about calling Steve the biggest customer advocate in the channel.

In this episode, we go deep into Steve’s sales strategies, vendor management tactics, business building approaches and much more.

Steve lives today in Holmdel, NJ with his wife and two children.

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