NATASHA ROYER COONS OF TERANOVA: Fighting for her customers at all costs

Mining mobility gold, Smart SIM, IoT strategies, niche-magic and more.

Today’s guest is Natasha Royer Coons of TeraNova. Teranova is that rare bird of the channel, straddling the line between Supplier Partner and Sales Partner. And on today’s episode we talk to Natasha about her company’s unique evolution.

Natasha’s specialty is mobility. Once the red-headed stepchild of the technology world, now mobility can no longer be ignored. And Natasha has discovered how to turn it into a profit center and a Trojan Horse, and she also dispels the myth that it’s a headache to manage.

We talk about the new Smart SIM technology, why it’s a game-changer in the mobility space, and how it’s just the tip of the iceberg in the burgeoning field of IoT.

We discuss sales training, email disasters, hard-earned entrepreneurial lessons, and much more…

Here on Channel Outlaws.

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