MIKE MILLER OF SIDEPATH: Fighting for his customers at all costs

Selling UCaaS, rocket fuel morning routines, selling without selling, and much more…

Mike Miller heads the cloud and carrier division for Sidepath, a huge IT solutions provider located in Southern California.

A 20 year veteran of the industry, Mike grew up with a love for sales, and has methodically hustled and honed his sales skills since childhood, always seeking an edge to achieve more. And he’s paid his dues to the sales Gods, from selling women’s shoes, to bellhopping for a living, and he took important lessons from each gig that he still applies today in selling multi-million dollar deals. You’ll learn what he learned.

Today Mike is one of the top sales people in the channel and is helping Sidepath make the transition to cloud and carrier services, something very few VARs have figured out how to do. Specifically he is crushing it with UCaaS and he talks about how in this podcast.

We talk about everything from conversations he’s having with technology leaders today, to selling new applications like Facebook Workplace, to gaining a competitive edge each morning by utilizing unique morning routines.

Some of my favorite quotes from Mike in this episode:

“I’m coin operated. And that means I follow the money where my time is best spent.”

“I’ve had one mantra that’s very familiar in my life. I only take advice from people who have what I want. I’d never ask a fat guy how to get skinny. I’d never ask a poor guy how to get rich.”

“I learned very early that there was a causal relationship between hustle and cash. The more I hustled, the more money I put in my pocket.”

“I’m no longer having a debate about what phone is on a desk when I‘m that deep into a conversation. We’re talking about transformational business changes.”

Today Mike lives today in Huntington Beach, CA with his wife and 3 kids.

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