MICHAEL STERL OF CARVE DIGITAL: Fighting for his customers at all costs

Upselling current customers & finding new customers with data analysis, channel marketing, finding a niche, & more.

On today’s episode I talk to Michael Sterl, co-founder of Cloud Optik and Carve Digital in Denver Colorado.

Michael hit the channel like a freight train in 2004 when he co-founded Simple Signal, a savvy cloud company which was sold to Vonage in 2015. And today, Michael is one of the channel’s foremost innovators in marketing and analytics.

With his two companies (two sides of the same coin really), he helps Sales Partners zero in on how to find more revenue opportunities, and turn them into cash, through big data and big ideas.

I talk to Michael about Cloud Optik, his analytics firm. Michael tells us me how he uses big data and analytics to help Sales Partners in two ways:

1) How all Sales Partners are sitting on a treasure trove of information, and how simply analyzing that information intelligently can help them get easy sales in the door.

2) How the big data engines already in place out there can provide sales partners with targeted information to begin prospecting campaigns that dramatically increase win rates.

Then we talk about marketing, the arena of Michael’s other company, Carve Digital … and how Sales Partners can take data and use it to drive business.

We also talk about the growing opportunities in identity management, learning from failure, Barry Bonds, and much more.

Topic timestamps:
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  • [11:56] Super9 Convergence Keynote
  • [13:49] Cloud Optik – Upselling with Analytics
  • [26:29] Finding your Niche
  • [31:35] Carve Digital
  • [33:39] Storytelling
  • [46:22] Marketing Strategy
  • [52:47] Morning Routines
  • [56:48] Failure

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did.

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