MATTHEW TOTH OF C3: Fighting for his customers at all costs

SD-WAN and CCaaS strategies, throwing events that drive sales, intelligent hiring, & much more.

Today’s guest is Matthew Toth of Collaborative Communications Consulting, better known as C3.

Matthew started C3 in 2008 … and he and I talk about what it’s like trying to launch a business in the harshest of economic conditions, and with only one client.

We also talk about selling SD-WAN, a subject near and dear to Matthew. He reveals how he approaches SD-WAN deals, how he ties them into security, and how you can tell if it’s “Real Deal SD-WAN” you’re looking at, or a cheap knock-off.

Plus, Matthew is currently staffing like crazy at C3, and not from the telecom side.

C3 really knows how to throw networking events, but it wasn’t always that way. Matthew had to learn the hard way how to generate real ROI from throwing rockstar events.

We talk about running your business scared, hiring on talent rather than location, and much more …

Hope you enjoy this podcast.

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