LUCAS SALVAGE OF ONCALL TELECOM: Fighting for his customers at all costs

On Integrator Acquisitions, Hiring Unicorns, VAR Teaming, Solutions Engineers, Personality Tests, Sales Books & More.

Our guest today is Lucas Salvage of OnCall Telecom in Virginia Beach.

OnCall is one of Intelisys’ fastest growing Sales Partners, and Lucas’s 12 years of sales leadership at the company is a big reason for that. Lucas started his career banging on phones and quickly worked his way up the food chain to where, today, he leads an ambitious sales force serving a number of Fortune 100 clients, on top of about 900 other clients.

OnCall made headlines a few months back when they purchased a systems integrator in neighboring Norfolk, so I talk to Lucas about the decisions behind the purchase … how the integration with that integrator is going so far … and how he’s going about training all those new equipment-minded sales reps on cloud and carrier services, and selling these services into all those new clients.

We also go very deep into recruiting, something Lucas has a ton of experience with and a lot of contrarian opinions about, which he’s glad to share with us.

And you won’t find OnCall on the solutions engineer hiring bandwagon anytime soon. They have a different approach that will surprise most Sales Partners.

We also talk about personality tests, perspective-altering books about customer service, partnering with VARs and more.

Topic timestamps:
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  • [12:14] Sales People as Solutions Engineers
  • [21:58] Hiring Unicorn Sales People
  • [31:34] TCI Business Acquisition
  • [37:20] Reaching 1,400 Clients
  • [40:47] Educating Sales People on Cloud
  • [45:46] Teaming with VARs
  • [52:08] Getting a Start in Sales
  • [55:05] Personality Tests
  • [01:02:45] Good Books


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