JEFF HOOTSELLE OF AUDITMACS: Fighting for his customers at all costs

On filling events, unique RFQs, customer experience, culture, going deep into the base, saying “no”, and more.

Today’s guest is Jeff Hootselle, the Chief Cloud Officer at Auditmacs.

After a short stint as a lefty pitcher in the Phillies farm system, Jeff became an Ace in the Channel. And today, he’s settled in as the closer for Auditmacs, a company revered in the channel for providing the real-deal total IT solution to its customers: equipment and cloud and carrier solutions.

Auditmacs is the poster child for creativity in attracting and keeping new clients. I talk to Jeff about how Auditmacs’ award-winning “Ultimate CEO” David Hopper, and how he uses video to win over his prospects.

We talk about how Auditmac packs a house with IT Leaders at their incredibly unique events. They don’t allow PowerPoints and they leave suppliers speechless…literally.

Jeff talks about how the company took a page from the early days of Airbnb, where they map out the ideal customer experience, reverse engineer it, and provide a unique experience for their customers that can’t be replicated.

We also touch on a whole bunch of other subjects, from selling equipment, to a Tribe of Mentors, to personal mantras and much more.

Enjoy the podcast with Jeff Hootselle.

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