On effective core marketing, the DNA of channel leaders, the future of the channel, and more.

We end season 2 of Channel Outlaws with none other than the President of Intelisys, Jay Bradley. I talk to Jay about what real effective core marketing is and how Sales Partners can use it to literally hockey stick their growth, just as Intelisys did.

We talk about some of his core beliefs, where they came from, and how Jay has woven them into the DNA that is Intelisys, and how Sales Partners can do the same.

Speaking of DNA, we talk about how similar the DNAs of Intelisys and ScanSource were even before the acquisition. And, why this shared DNA has accelerated the integration of these two leaders.

And we talk about what Jay sees in the future for the channel as ScanSource continues investing in Sales Partners and resellers and supporting them in crafting the total solution for businesses around the world.


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