Intelisys’ Rick Sheldon & Indy 500 Driver Stefan Wilson

On the champion mindset, channel explosion, peak performance, IoT, Indy 500 & more.

On this episode, you get a twofer: IndyCar driver Stefan Wilson AND Intelisys co-founder Rick Sheldon.

We talk about this year’s Indy 500, where Stefan will be racing under the Intelisys banner, and where there’ll even be actual Sales Partner’s logos on his car as he races toward the checkered flag.

We talk to Stefan about the mindset of a race car driver, the team dynamic behind every great driver, and why past gains don’t guarantee future success; on the track or in the channel.

And Rick Sheldon is here to explain how this whole thing came about, and why this year’s Indy 500 will be a banner day for both the Channel and Intelisys Sales Partners.

We also talk about the many occasions in which Stefan’s dealt with adversity on his way to success, the many reasons Porsche makes the best car in the world, and the many reasons Sales Partners should be looking to racing teams for their next IoT deal.

Enjoy the podcast.

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