ED TERRY OF ETA: Fighting for his customers at all costs

Running a consultancy and a telecom carrier, acquisitions, networking tips, culture awards, the Give-a-Sh!t Meter, & more.

Today’s guest is Ed Terry, co-founder ETA and VoxNet.

Ed started out his entrepreneurial journey with ETA selling PBX’s. ETA evolved over the years into a fully functional cloud and telecom technology consultancy.

Along the way, Ed and his partners also started a telecom carrier (CLEC) called VoxNet to supplement his consultancy.

That’s right, he vertically integrated. He’ll explain why he thought that was a good move and how you can do it too.

Ed also explains his “patented” tool for measuring risk and opportunity that hasn’t failed him yet. It’s the part of the episode that earned us the “Explicit Language” tag.

Ed gives us networking tips, buyer empathy tips, award-winning company culture tips and much more.

Hope you enjoy the podcast as much as I did.

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