On scaling a channel business through culture, creating culture on a budget, culture myths, hiring millennials, and more.

Today’s guest is Dee Byrnes of OnboardOxygen: Dee is an Army veteran, a Disney veteran, and a seasoned two decade veteran of helping businesses measurably scale and profit using a secret sauce…a secret sauce that both of these organizations use to excel: Strategic Culture.

We discuss the specific things any small business owner can do to create and integrate a culture in their businesses. Secret Tip: Hanging posters with your values on them is not a secret ingredient.

We discuss what Dee learned from working 20 years at Disney, how they protect their “culture ingredients” as tightly as Coca-Cola protects its secret formula, and what she teaches businesses today to help them create similar results through culture.

We talk about how to attract the millennial employees you want, and repel the ones you don’t, using culture. Secret Tip #2: You don’t need to invest in a ping-pong table.

We talk about remote vs. local employees, the surprising purpose of meetings for culture, overcoming the time and money roadblocks to culture, and much more.

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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