DAVID WEISENBERG OF PCM: Fighting for his customers at all costs

Selling into enterprise accounts, whiteboarding, 7-Step Sales and more.

Today’s guest is David Weisenberg, the co-founder of PCM. David and his partner Bob Matthews had decades of telecom experience between them when they started PCM in 2001. . . And today, they have around five hundred clients, yet only two full-time employees, and that’s by design.

This show has touched on the 7-step sales process in the past, but today David and I really explore how it applies to our industry in particular, and how selling cloud services, with its whiteboards and sales engineers, alters one’s approach to that process.

We also talk about David’s concentration on enterprise deals: How they’re different from an SMB deal, how to prepare for those high-stakes meetings, and how to be choosy about clients.

We talk about lessons learned from growing up in an entrepreneurial family, cloud training at Super 9, life with a master agent, and much more.

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