On coaching high performance Sales Partners, overcoming entrepreneur limiting beliefs, creating a life-by-design, and more.

Our guest today is Tony Palmucci, the owner of Thinking Without Restrictions. His clients call him Coach Tony.

It’s Coach Tony’s mission in life to take the top performers in business to the next level, and on today’s show he tells how he does just that with some of Intelisys’ Platinum Partners including Steve Gerhardt, Danny Passacantilli, Angie Tocco, and Laura Dashney.

There are a lot of skeptics out there when it comes to the subject of business coaches… So Tony and I spend a lot of time talking about the practice of coaching, debunking some of the myths about coaching, and breaking down exactly what a coach can do for your bottom line, both on the balance sheet and in life in general.

But coaching up CEOs wasn’t always Tony’s vocation … He started out as many kids do, with dreams of becoming a rock sta. But unlike most kids, Tony actually did it. He’s been an axeman for Twisted Sister’s Dee Snyder, and Kiss Frontman Gene Simmons, to name just a couple.

But it was through founding and growing a music academy that Tony found his true gift in life; empowering others to blueprint a future, blow past hidden obstacles, and achieve their goals.

We also talk about the most common stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs, and how to avoid them … Tony’s version of the habits of highly effective people … and why even coaches need coaches.

Topic timestamps:
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  • [8:35] How Tony got into the Channel
  • [10:23] Why Top Performers Seek Coaches
  • [16:06] Being a Rockstar
  • [18:56] Entrepreneur Chapter
  • [25:42] Tricks of the Coaching Trade
  • [31:38] Working with Sales Partners
  • [38:52] The “Uncoachables”
  • [39:40] Pattern Recognition
  • [43:33] Breakthrough Example
  • [48:32] Coaching Stereotypes
  • [50:44] What are You Willing to Sacrifice?
  • [53:24] Morning Routine

Enjoy the podcast.

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