On psychology, power & influence in winning negotiations.

Chris Voss is a Former FBI Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator…the Author of the Wall Street Journal best-selling negotiations book “Never Split the Difference”… and the CEO of the Black Swan Group.

Chris worked more than 150 kidnappings worldwide over 24 years with the FBI. He discovered that traditional negotiations “theory” didn’t cut it when it came to life and death situations. So he reinvented it. Then he turned the world of negotiations on its head, both in academia and the business world, when he made the crossover to business negotiations.

In this episode, we go into a number of negotiations tips and tricks that will make you a better negotiator immediately.

You’ll learn why the word “no” is far more valuable than “yes” in a negotiation, the psychology behind loss aversion and power dynamics, and why tactical empathy is the most important strategy you can apply when saving a life, or saving a deal.

We talk about Shark Tank, Oprah Winfrey, President Trump and a whole lot more that you can do to “never split the difference” when negotiating your next deal.

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