CHARLIE BOGART OF REALCOM SOLUTIONS: Fighting for his customers at all costs

On buying a VAR, pitching Magic Johnson, creative office space, ScanSource, enterprise selling, and more.

We’re kicking off Season 2 of the podcast with Charlie Bogart of RealCom Solutions.

Charlie recently boldly went where few traditional telecom agents have gone before: He acquired a VAR. So we talk about what went into his decision … AND the pains and pleasures of such a momentous undertaking, including what it’s like to quintuple your client base overnight.

We talk about how Charlie focuses almost entirely on enterprise clients, and how that’s paid off for him big time … but the reason he does it that way is about way more than the payoff.

We also discuss Charlie’s unique selling strategies, his office space strategy, how he handles failure, and his ongoing efforts to add Magic Johnson to his client list.

Topic timestamps:
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  • [4:00] About RealCom Solutions
  • [6:25] Acquiring Enterprise Clients
  • [11:12] Pitching to Magic Johnson
  • [16:45] Selling Strategies
  • [22:19] Office Space Philosophy
  • [27:32] Purchasing a VAR
  • [39:40] Lessons learned from VAR acquisition
  • [43:45] How ScanSource and Intelisys Affected RealCom
  • [46:32] About Charlie – Learning Sales
  • [49:01] Handling Failure

Hope you enjoy the podcast.

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